Health Project Services

Activated: 28 March 2017
Framework: Joomla CMS
Current Status: online & active
History: This site was redeveloped from a previous design of D.P. Web Design.


Health Project Services is a unique business that consults in multiple disciplines within the healthcare sector. We provide integrated services to assist our clients from concept to completion.

Website's Special Features

  • Standard Website Setup & Development
  • DATABASE: Listings, Projects, Products and or Client Profiles Display Component
  • File & Document Upload/Download Manager
  • Fully Responsive (Mobile & Tablet Viewing)
  • Google Analytics Setup & Integration
  • Online Newsletter/Blog
  • Contact Form, Basic
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Designed By

Danny Poole

Owner, Manager, Developer, Designer, Project Planner

Office Location

5 Trembath Crescent,
Kirwan, Townsville QLD 4817
Visitation by Appointment

Contact Details

(07) 4773 4719
0412 342206

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed