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Does Your Business Run Entirly on Facebook


I have been told stories from clients on how Facebook has either banned, suspended or closed their accounts because of post violations or being suspected spamming accounts when they are not. So...

Do You Use D.P. Web Design Support Packages?

If no then ignore me, if yes read on...

In the interest of full transparency and keeping clients up to date, I've started a new policy of sending out worklogs when ever I do work on any support packages. Usually I send out the worklogs...

All About Support!

Newsletter #001

Hello and welcome to what I hope to be the first of many informative newsletters. I'll try not to make these too long because I'm sure most of you are time poor like myself. This gets me to my...

This account has been hacked! Change all your passwords!

The 'You've been looking at porn sites' scam!

This one's my favorite so far, these scammers must have put their creative thinking caps on for this one! It is so well worded, non threatening, unverifiable, great geek terminology (that we all...

Domain Name Registration Services is a SCAM!

It's not illegal BUT IT SHOULD BE!

This has happened over many years with my clients. I'll be contacted by a cranky client (and rightly so) saying they received a letter (yes letter, It's rarely an email) stating that their domain...
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