What To Do Before Your Site Is Started!

Here is a website checklist to help you get started with the process

  • Please choose/create your required headings & page information (examples below)
    • Home page
    • About Us
    • Our Services
    • Online Quote
    • Contact Us
  • Make sure you have all your page content written and ready to apply to the site (page content for above headings)
  • If you have any logos or images please supply them in digital format (if possible supply the master work files of logos)
  • Please supply all contact information you require listed
  • If you require an online enquiry or booking form, please supply all questions (example below)
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Phone:
    • Preferred Day:
    • Preferred Time:
    • Problem:
  • D.P. Web Design can either select a short list of template designs or you can direct us to another website you like the look or functionality of. This will give us an idea of what you are looking for in your website.

The best way to think about how a web site is developed is to think of a basic tree structure system.

  • Home Page: this is the first page that will load when a potential customer visits your site. The information on this page must describe your company and its functions clearly. It must also contain keywords that a customer might type into a search engine to find you. For example "Web Design Townsville" (please take note of the keywords used in this homepage).
  • Main Headings/Menu Buttons: These are the main site divisions: eg. About Us, Services, Portfolio, Pricing, Contact, there may be more or less depending on your company type) these will be the main areas/pages that describe your business.
  • Sub Headings:(if needed).
    • Subheadings will not be linked from all pages like the “Main Headings/Menu Buttons” but from a specific page to better show your companies departmental structure. If all “Main Headings/Menu Buttons” need multiple subheadings, then your site will require a specialized menu structure (please discuss further with your designer). Here is a simple sub heading example...
      • Under the "Company" page...
        • Department 1
        • Department 2
        • Department 3
  • Page Information & Images: This is the information and images you need to supply under each Heading & Sub Heading. (Page Content)


Now that you have a good idea on how your site will be structured and you have your page titles, heading and page information ready to go D.P. Web Design can move forward with the following steps.

  1. Your Template or web site design can be selected or created by D.P. Web Design. If you are choosing a template yourself, then please consult with your designer to see if it will suit your needs.
  2. Once the design / template and information has been sorted then supplied D.P. Web Design can go ahead and start creating your web site.
  3. Depending on your type of site you may also have to supply images, audio, video and original artwork to logos and company headers. If need D.P. Web Design can assist you in creating all the media mentioned.
  4. After the first draft is constructed you will be contacted through your "Client's Area" to discuss the next stages of your site.

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